brain-computer music interfacing

listening study 2

Jun 4, 2020

This study compares the effects of two versions of a soundscape. The goal of the soundscape is to help create and maintain an altered state of consciousness, a deep meditative state characterised by strong theta brainwaves. The brainwave entrainment in the original version of the soundscape relies on the method of sonic driving in traditional shamanic journeys and the method of rhythmic entrainment in the works of Jeff Strong. In addition to these methods, the alternative version also features binaural beats pulsating in sync with the tempo of the drumming. You will be randomly selected one version to listen to.

(from survey introduction)

Both versions of the soundscape can be found on the ‘shamanic soundscape - level two’ release.

Raw data in .csv formats are uploaded to GitHub.

The data is analysed in conjunction with the first listening study and is planned to be written up as a paper.